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How to Be a Good Host or Hostess

Your home is an intimate space that reflects your personal taste and style, and while it may be the place that you feel most comfortable the same may not always hold true for your guests. Whether you are having extended family over for an impromptu game night or hosting friends for a formal dinner party or informal backyard barbecue, Mr. Appliance® has some great tips on how to be a good host to ensure your next gathering is a complete success.

The Art of Hospitality

Hospitality is about providing your guests with a positive, relaxing, and engaging experience while they are at your home, regardless of the purpose of their visit or the length of their stay. Visitors rarely have the expectation to be pampered, nor do they want to feel as though they have disrupted your home or routine. Exemplifying the art of hospitality is about removing discomforts and exuding genuine warmth, happiness, and gratitude while sharing your home.

How to Be a Good Host

Begin planning for your event early on so that you can spread out the preparations over a number of days. Your guests will appreciate your relaxed demeanour, and if you have a great time so will they. Tips include:

Start With the Basics

Before you attend to the finer details address the basics of hosting including the following:

  • Clean your home, focusing your efforts on the areas that guests are likely to be such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.
  • Give your guests ample notice of the event and be clear on what is expected of them, including arrival time, what if anything they need to bring, and whether your gathering is formal or informal.
  • Determine if any of your guests have food allergies or restrictions.

Be Prepared

Create a game plan for when your guests arrive.Where will you put items like coats and shoes? What type of music will you play? What types of drinks will you serve? Starting at the front door, establish a path your guests will follow from greeting to settling in to make them feel instantly at home.

Keep it Simple

Rather than striving for perfection, focus on making your guests feel at ease by allowing them to share your home. Remember they are coming to see you, not to check if your closets are organized or how much dust is underneath the couch. Plan a simple meal and one that you have made before, conjure up a signature cocktail to take the guesswork and expense out of stocking the bar, and set the mood with lighting and music. If children will be in attendance serve some fun finger foods to keep them entertained and keep hunger at bay.

Get Involved

One of the highest compliments you can pay your guests is to let them help you to prepare, serve, and clean up after your meal. In addition to making them feel like family, the work will be completed in half the time giving you more opportunity to hang out, kick back, and join in the fun.

Food and drinks are at the heart of every great gathering, and well-maintained appliances help to make food storage, cooking and clean up a breeze. You can trust the experienced professionals at Mr. Appliance for all your appliance repair needs, with upfront pricing, flexible service times, and work and labour that is guaranteed. Call us today at 888-898-5597 to schedule an appointment or contact us online and let us know how we can help.