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Break Your Bad Laundry Habits

Have you considered breaking your bad laundry habits? If you want to save money on detergent, new clothes, and washing machine repairs, break these bad laundry habits right now! And, we know you'll love these tips so much, we've made a shareable social media graphic with all of them included at the bottom of this page!

Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

It’s easy to assume that more soap means cleaner clothes, but you must know where to draw the line. After all, residue from too much laundry detergent makes your clothes look dingy. Excessive suds can also damage the washing machine’s pump and drain. It’s best to stick to the recommended amount listed on the detergent bottle.

Leaving Wet Clothes in the Washer for Too Long

As soon as a batch finishes washing, transfer it to the dryer. Otherwise, in just eight to 12 hours, mold and mildew will start growing on your freshly cleaned clothes, turning them into sour smelling laundry. If a batch of clothes or towels slipped your mind, rewash it. Wondering how to get sour smell out of towels? Just add a cup of white vinegar to the batch along with the detergent you normally use.

Bunching Up Clean Clothes in a Laundry Basket

If you want to give your iron a workout, then by all means, bunch up your clean, dry clothes in a laundry basket. If you don’t fold laundry and hang items right away, you’ll be left with a wrinkly, disheveled pile of clothes. It might even be easier to rewash the batch than to do all that ironing! The solution? Pull clothes out of the dryer immediately and hang or fold them without delay.

Overloading the Washing Machine

You may feel good about cramming clothes into the washing machine, thinking you’re saving time or conserving water, but overloaded washers break down sooner. Your clothes also fail to come clean, resulting in the need to rewash them anyway. Stick to the load limits in the user’s manual for the best results.

Not Knowing Whether to Zip and Button

To prevent the metal teeth of jacket zippers from snagging on delicate clothes, make a new habit of zipping them all the way up before tossing them into the wash. Does the same go for your button-down shirts? Actually, no. Buttoning pants and shirts puts added stress on the buttons, which could make them pop off and go missing.

Letting Your Dryer “Rest”

If you use your dryer correctly and refrain from overloading it, the machine will never overheat, no matter how many cycles you dry in a row. In fact, you can save energy by running batches back-to-back because each consecutive cycle takes advantage of the retained heat from the previous batch.

Using Too Much Bleach

Today, bleach is sold in a highly concentrated form, meaning you only need a fraction of what you might think you need. Use bleach sparingly to remove grass, coffee, ink, and other types of stains. To avoid using this chemical altogether, toss stained clothes into a big pot of water with a few lemon slices. Boil the concoction for a few minutes to remove the stains naturally.

Tumble Drying All Your Clothes

Yes, tumble drying is the fastest option, but this method also causes clothes to wear out prematurely. For the best results, continue to tumble dry towels and jeans so they don’t become crispy. Hang dry everything else you can, especially if the care instructions on the tag suggest “line dry” or “dip dry.” You’ll save money by helping your clothes last longer!

And, we know you'll love these tips so much, we've made a shareable social media graphic with all of them included below! Go on... help your friends out!

Infographic: Break Your Bad Laundry Habits