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Coolest Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes were and have always been a staple at school lunches. You may remember in middle school, how “cool” someone seemed based on his or her vintage metal lunchbox. Lunchboxes are sort of like a time capsule, throwing everyone back to their younger years. However, recently, the style of lunchboxes has changed; they are now more modular and have the ability to pack a variety of items into one container. Here is a list of some of the coolest vintage lunchboxes and even some of the newer ones out on the market today.

  • Soon, lunchboxes were becoming more common and even Thermoses were being sold with them. While these “lunch kits” are still sold today, their popularity skyrocketed in the 1960s and 1970s. Click here to see an image via Wikipedia.
  • Eventually, these lunchboxes changed shape. While still metal, the square design became more and more popular, and still remains so today. Some of these designs from the 1970s are worth lots of money online today. Click here to check out an image on Flickr.
  • Although, the metal lunchboxes are still very trendy today, in the late 1980s, plastic lunchboxes grew in popularity. They still retained their shape and design overall, but were just made with plastic. Here's another example from Deviant Art.
  • Within the last couple of decades, students often carried their lunches in insulated polyester bags that are easier to fit into backpacks. Zippers rather than clips are used to seal these. Check out an example by clicking here.
  1. However, within the last few years, Bento boxes have become wildly popular for their ability to fit a whole meal in small containers in a lunchbox. This new concept originated in Japan and has migrated to the US. Check out this style on Flickr.

The main concept of these fun lunchboxes was to keep food cool and fresh. Your refrigerator should do the same; if not, call Mr. Appliance® to come out and take a look!