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4 Spring Cleaning Spots you Forget to Clean

by Maddie Ogletree

Spring cleaning is definitely not my favorite time of year. In fact, spring cleaning often turns into “summer cleaning” as the warm weather becomes the norm. Still, at some point I muster up the courage to tackle my apartment, and make my way to the kitchen.

After covering the basics, cleaning the counters, organizing the fridge, etc., I always find myself overlooking a lot of important spots that need their share of spring cleaning love. So here’s a quick list of those often-forgotten places that need a bit of cleaning.

1) Cleaning out the inside of your pantry and cabinets is important to keep pests and crumb buildup out of your food storage areas. This’ll also give you the opportunity to sort through your food and get rid of expired items that you’ve long since forgotten. If you want to add a pop of pattern and make clean up a little easier, add a fun liner to the bottom of your shelves.

2) As a big fan of microwavable meals and quick pop-in-the-oven recipes, my appliances can get pretty messy. I always forget to clean the inside of these appliances, and adding it to my cleaning list is the best way to make sure they are spotless. Don’t forget you can use vinegar to clean and it’s chemical free!

3) If I can’t see it, I probably won’t think to clean it. Because of that, I always forget to clean the garburatorin the kitchen sink. It’s so easy though! You just have to use an ice tray to freeze lemons into vinegar, then pop one down the disposal every so often.

4) My dishwasher does a lot of work, but I always overlook the importance of making sure it’s clean. But if it’s going to keep my dishes clean, it helps to have a little cleaning maintenance every now and then. Once again, vinegar is a lifesaver. Use a little baking soda and vinegar in your dishwasher to get it looking like new.

It always helps me out to make a list for each room of what needs to be cleaned. The kitchen list tends to be the longest, but it’s the easiest way to keep up with what needs to be done!