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The Perfect Picnic

Break out the wicker baskets and Tupperware – it’s summer time and that means it’s picnic time! There’s absolutely no reason why you should go home and eat the same ol’ meal inside at same ol’ boring table when you can have a fun meal outside on a blanket. Right? Right. A spontaneously planned picnic may be just what you need. And we at Mr. Appliance have got you covered with a few handy-dandy tips to help you prepare for the most perfectly fantastic picnic.

Pack Light

The best part of a picnic is eating in a fun and unique location, but that also means lugging around food and supplies to that fun and unique location. Be sure to only pack the necessities for your outing. That way there’s not as much to carry and you won’t have to worry about packing up a ton of left overs afterwards.

Keep it Simple

A summer picnic is not the time or place to plan a fancy-schmancy gourmet meal. Keep it simple and stick with easy-to-eat foods. Finger foods and re-sealable packaged foods are the easiest to eat and they’ll stay fresh longer.

Grilling on the Go

If you do plan to grill at your picnic, make sure to keep uncooked meats away from all other food and drinks. Raw foods can cause serious illness if it not kept cold enough and if the raw stuff comes into contact with other foods, it can contaminant them as well. For the safest transport, store meats in a separate cooler altogether.

The Little Things

As important as food is to a picnic, don’t forget the not-so-obvious essentials like ice packs for chilling food and drinks, hand wipes for wiping off sticky hands and faces and extra Tupperware for storing left overs properly. And always pack mosquito spray. It’s no fun swatting at the pesky pests during your meal. And also, make sure you have a bag for trash so you can keep your fun and unique picnic location clean and litter free.

With these simple tips, you can have the perfect picnic this summer and create great memories with family, friends or even co-workers. We’d love to hear about your picnic adventures, share your perfect picnic tips and tricks with us on Facebook.