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Grilling Do's and Don'ts

Don’t you just love spending your summer evenings sitting on the patio, sipping your favorite summertime beverage and enjoying a meal hot off the grill? The entire atmosphere of good friends and good food bolsters a kumbaya-esque kinship for the whole evening.

But what if the chicken catches on fire and the hamburger patties are char-grilled into an unrecognizable blob? And all’s fine and dandy until someone loses an eyebrow…or two.

People who grill will typically fall into two very distinct categories. There’s the Bobby Flay type and then there’s the Barney Fife type. There really is no middle ground. It’s either Bobby or Barney.

Your friends at Mr. Appliance are obviously here to keep your outside grills in tip-top shape but we also have a few tips to help you be the Bobby of the party.

Here’s our list of grilling Do’s and Don’ts.

Bobby Do’s

  • Do perform regular grill maintenance.
  • Do clean your grill after it has preheated. It’s easier to scrape off cooked-on gunk.
  • Do set up your grilling area in an open space.
  • Do preheat your grill before cooking.
  • Do keep raw meats separate from other foods.
  • Do use a meat thermometer – no guessing.
  • Do let your meat rest before cutting into it to keep in the yummy juices.

Barney Don’ts

  • Don’t reuse marinades that have been used with raw meats.
  • Don’t spray non-stick cooking spray onto a hot grill - envision a flamethrower.
  • Don’t squirt water on flame flare-ups - water squirts stir up ash. Move food to another section of grill until flames die down.
  • Don’t use wooden skewers without presoaking in water.
  • Don’t skewer foods together that require different cooking times. You’ll end up with raw chicken or char-grilled veggies.
  • Don’t char food. It’s really not good for you.
  • Don’t leave grill unattended.

You can read our Grill Safety blog for additional tips to keep your party on the patio a safe Bobby-style event. Happy grilling!