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Cheat Sheet for The Ultimate Mom's Night Out

Moms, you remember the carefree days of calling up your girlfriends on a whim to meet up for some dinner, cocktails, manicures, pedicures, shopping, and maybe dancing until the early morning hours? Remember when you could really do anything “on a whim?”

Now getting together with your girlfriends takes a good month to plan, and sure enough half of you won’t be able to make it because one of your kids catches a cold. And your idea of a fun night out still includes being home by bedtime.

At Mr. Appliance®, we know that moms are the backbone of the family. With all the responsibility on Mom’s shoulders, she needs to de-stress and let loose every once in a while in order to keep her sanity. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, Mr. Appliance has come up with the ultimate cheat sheet for planning your Mom’s Night Out.

  1. Pick a stress-free activity. Pick a fun and fulfilling activity like dinner, drinks, shopping, movie, concert, or wine tasting.
  2. Plan well ahead of time. With soccer and dance practices, school activities, and play dates, your schedule fills up quickly. So, make sure you can plan a day well ahead of time. It’s a good idea to send an invitation — either mail or an Evite— that other moms can place on their calendars.
  3. Book babysitters. If the dads can’t handle the job, hire a few babysitters that can come to your house. All the kids can hang out together and play while you and your girlfriends are out.
  4. Set the rules. Before you head out for your evening of fun and frivolity, inform dad and the kids of when they should or should not interrupt your evening. Really, does a hole in your son’s sock constitute an emergency?
  5. Plan the next MNO. Before the evening ends, commit to getting the next get-together on your calendars. Let another mom plan the next get together with the girls. Each mom will have the chance to plan a fun activity and you’ll get to look forward to the next Mom’s Night Out!