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5 Money Saving Tips

It seems everywhere you turn these days, someone is offering up the latest and greatest money saving tips. Have you noticed it’s usually the same tips over and over? They’re recycled and bedazzled, but nonetheless, they’re the same. The most common tips are adjust your home thermostat, stop eating out (including trips to the local coffee house), and pay off your credit card balance each month.

Money saving tips

While those tips are great, there are also subtle, little things that you can do that can make a substantial difference. Here are five money saving tips that don’t normally come to mind, but can save you money and allow you to maintain your lifestyle.

  1. Make a grocery list before you go shopping and stick with it. You shouldn’t put one single item in your basket that isn’t on the list. That includes the oh-so-tempting impulse items in the checkout line that always seem to add a little extra to the grocery bill.
  2. Call your credit card company and ask for an interest rate reduction. Just a 2 percent reduction on a balance of $6,000 will save you $120 a year. The worst thing the company can do is tell you no.
  3. Don’t speed. While driving over the speed limit will help get you from point A to point B quicker, it doesn’t help fuel efficiency. Your gas mileage actually decreases. Plus, slowing down will not only help your wallet at the pump, but it’ll also prevent a nasty speeding ticket.
  4. Keep leftovers. Leftovers often get a bad rap. Instead of tossing leftovers into the trash, reinvent them with a little pizazz. Transform old bread to bread crumbs, leftover rice to rice pudding and last-night’s chicken into chicken soup. The possibilities are limitless, but if you need some help has some great ideas to get the ball rolling.
  5. Give your time. Instead of buying gifts for every occasion, think of ways you can give your time. For a baby shower gift – an evening of babysitting; for the housewarming gift – a day of yard work; and for a get well soon gift – an afternoon of housework. Be creative and see what you can come up with.

The main thing to remember is little changes can add up big. If you would like additional money saving tips, has compiled a great collection of blog posts with ideas to help you simplify your life, stay comfortable, and ultimately save money.