Small Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Whether you're a budding chef or can barely boil water, you still have to eat! If your kitchen is short on room, preparing even the simplest of meals can be a challenge, but the kitchen appliance experts at Mr. Appliance® have some fresh ideas for small kitchen organizations to help you make the most of every square inch of space.

Bananas, utensils, cookbooks, a knife set, a toaster, and other items in the corner of a kitchen countertop

A Place for Everything

The key to organizing any space is to have a dedicated place for each of your items and to return them to the same spot each time after using. With certain tools, serving ware, and utensils, this place may be outside the confines of the kitchen walls if they are only utilized a few times a year. Seasonal pieces such as a large roasting pan, turkey baster, or electric knife can be stored at the back of a closet or in the basement until needed to save space for items you use more often.

Go Vertical

Instead of cluttering your countertops, use empty wall space and cabinet end pieces to install floating shelves, hooks, a magnetic strip for knives and spices, a pegboard, and more!


Place utensils, cookware, food, and other kitchen accessories right where you need them, within easy reach of the stove or prep area. In addition to saving time, strategic placement can assist with small kitchen organization when there are multiple cooks in the room by limiting movement across the workspace.

Scale Back

One of our best solutions for how to organize small kitchen spaces is to reduce the scale of your appliances from the fridge to the dishwasher. Our comprehensive guide to the best appliances for your small home or kitchen has a multitude of ideas to help save time and space without sacrificing convenience.

Stick Together

Group like items together, from pots and pans to canned goods into categories that make sense for your family and lifestyle. Place items used less frequently on those harder-to-reach upper or lower shelves and those used most often at eye level. Use clear bins or wire baskets to corral loose, small, or unsteady items such as sauce packets, spices, or oils.

Think Outside the Box

Create extra storage outside of your cupboards to make the most of wasted space. If space allows, consider adding a rolling island with open shelving that can be wheeled against a wall when not in use. A narrow rolling rack can fit in the tight space between a refrigerator and the wall and can house canned goods or spices, while heavy-duty hooks placed on cupboard ends can be used to hang utensils, pots and pans, linens, and more.

See Things Clearly

Use clear storage containers for dry goods and leftovers to view the contents at a glance, save time, and prevent food waste. Purchase a variety of stackable containers in various sizes and be sure to label each one for a more cohesive look.

Get Creative

Small kitchen cabinet ideas such as risers and undershelf hanging baskets can effectively double the space inside your cupboards. Lazy susans can improve your access to deep or hard-to-reach areas, and over-the-door baskets and hooks can hold frequently used items such as dish towels, food wraps, sponges, cleaners, and more.

Once It All Fits, Make Sure It All Works

Small kitchen organization and storage solutions can help to make your kitchen feel bigger and perform more efficiently. Mr. Appliance can also help your kitchen to run more smoothly, with fast, reliable appliance repair and maintenance.