Creative Drying Racks

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Running your dryer less often is also a good way to save energy and money. Plus, some clothes are just too delicate for the dryer. To help your little black dress, wool sweater and favorite lingerie last longer, it’s better to air dry these items. But what if you don’t have a drying rack? You can easily make your own so you have a dedicated space to hang clothing you don’t want to run through the dryer.

Baby Gate Drying Rack

Want a cheap way to fashion your own drying rack while also putting that old baby gate to good use? By hanging the safety gate from two kitchen pot hooks mounted to the wall, your makeshift drying rack stores flat and out of the way when not in use. When you need to hang clothes, the hinged baby gate pivots out to provide lots of room and airflow for drying delicates. Make this DIY drying rack out of crib panels, baby gates or other slatted panels.

Get the full instructions from Northwest Edible Life.

Beadboard Drying Rack

Ballard Designs wants to charge you $100 to $260 for a beadboard drying rack. Fortunately, if you take the DIY route, you can build your own for about $30 and little of your time. The beautiful design involves a slatted panel that pivots outward like an awning window, providing space a hang a few delicates at a time. When not in use, the drying rack adds a beautiful touch to your laundry room wall.

Get the full instructions from The House of Wood.

Overhead Ladder Drying Rack

Maybe you prefer to let blouses and skirts dry on their hangers. This way, transferring them from the drying rack to the closet is completely effortless. In this case, a ladder hanging horizontally from the ceiling provides the perfect solution. Just pick up an old ladder from a consignment shop, some hooks and identical lengths of chain and you’re all set! A fresh coat of paint in your preferred color helps the ladder match your laundry room décor so it fits right in.

Get the full instructions from Little Lucy Lu.

Crib Spring Drying Rack

For even more drying space than a ceiling-mounted ladder can provide, why not make a drying rack out of an old crib spring? Spray paint it your favorite color and mount it to the ceiling with hooks and chains. Hang a large number of shirts, pants and dresses at a time with plenty of airflow and no risk of them brushing the floor.

Get the full instructions from A Diamond in the Stuff.

DIY Flat Drying Rack

Wool sweaters and other knit items are prone to stretching if you hang them up to dry, yet they can’t go in the dryer, either. Instead of paying for a flat drying rack, make your own to save money and space in the laundry room. Simply construct a PVC frame in the dimensions you want, cover it with mesh and screw the frame into cabinet drawer slides. Mount the slides under the laundry room counter so they’re out of sight, even when in use. The drawer slides make it easy to lay clothing items out, and then tuck the drying rack back under the counter where ample airflow helps your knit clothes dry quickly.

Get the full instructions from Me and My DIY.

With these great DIY tips, you can make your laundry room more functional without detracting from its design. For more helpful tips, or to schedule laundry room appliance repair, please contact Mr. Appliance® today.