How to Responsibly Get Rid of Old Appliances

old appliances
Have you been wondering how to deal with your old appliances? For those of us committed to responsible recycling, directing your old appliances to exactly the right place is mandatory. For peace of mind, and the knowledge that you have done exactly the right thing for your old appliance disposal - Mr. Appliance® is always here to help.

When you replace an appliance, we help you make sure the old one goes to the right place. To do this right, some of the questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • Should I donate, recycle, or throw out?
  • Does the appliance still work?
  • If it’s working, will some nonprofit organization pick it up for free?
  • If it’s broken, are there places that will pick it up for free and repair it?
  • Which is cheaper - repair or replacement?

Responsible Appliance Disposal

Local appliance retailers will often include appliance recycling when you purchase a new unit. Local areas usually have a resource to safely dispose of old appliances; some will even pick it up for free if replaced with an energy-efficient unit.

If you can’t find a taker, your local landfill will have options to safely dispose of the appliance, or you can sell it as scrap. To sell it as scrap - you need to call your local scrap yard.

How To Scrap It

Scrap-metal dealers will accept many appliances that are dropped off, and some will pick up appliances at your home, often for a nominal fee. Many companies will also accept working or non-working appliances for repair and resale.

Some may also be willing to pay you a small amount for working units that are relatively new. You can easily search online, or in the phone book under "metal scrap," "metal recycling," or "appliance recycling."

Why Not Donate Your Old Appliances

There are many non-profit groups, churches, community thrift stores, and trash-to-treasure startups happy to take working appliances for free, and many of them will even pick them up.

Some local centers will operate with proceeds going to cancer research and other worthwhile causes, making donating unwanted appliances very important. There are even centers that accept appliances to recycle for use by struggling families.

Here is a list of the most common old appliances people need to recycle or dispose of;

  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers

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