To Dry or Not to Dry: Which Fabrics Go in the Dryer?

To Dry or Not to Dry: Which Fabrics Go in the Dryer?
Laundry day is a day that many dread; for some, it’s the folding, for others it’s the sorting. There are many woes that people have about laundry. However something that many don’t understand is what they can and cannot put in the dryer. We have all been there: you put your favorite shirt in the dryer and pull it out, only to see that it is now a shirt fit for a small child. It’s not a good feeling.

Recently, Mr. Appliance did some investigating and created the following list to outline what can and cannot be tossed and tumbled in the dryer.

Fabrics that can be dried:

  • Cotton: Looser woven cotton can shrink much more than a cotton blend shirt. If you are worried about shrinking, dry on low heat. Materials that are 100% cotton are more likely to shrink.

  • Acrylic: Dry on low heat, and don’t over dry or it can cause static!

  • Linen: Make sure not to over-dry linen as it can cause even more wrinkles that will be harder to iron out.

  • Microfiber: Use a low heat or cool setting when drying this material.

  • Nylon: Use low heat to prevent creases. Also prone to static cling.

  • Polyester: Use low heat, but dries quickly. Hang drying can be just as effective.

  • Silk: Some pieces can be dried on low heat; check the care label for clarification.

  • Velour: Use a low heat tumble.

Cannot be dried:

  • Embellished items: These can get too hot and break off or damage your dryer. It is best to avoid the mess altogether.

  • Spandex: Clothing with low amounts of spandex is okay; however, pieces with higher amounts cannot be dried.

  • Lace: Very delicate material will likely get snagged against other pieces. It is best to just hang to dry.

  • Rayon: Will shrink in the dryer; it is always best to lay it out to dry.

  • Suede: Drying these pieces will cause them to come out damaged or discolored. It is best to lay suede pieces out to dry.

  • Wool: If dried, it will shrink. Wash in cold and then lay to dry.

One of the best things you can always do is read the label on your clothing for the best recommendation of how to clean and dry your pieces.

The following are things that cannot be put in the dryer:

  • Tights

  • Bathing suits

  • Tennis shoes

  • Anything with rhinestones or “bling”

If you have any more questions or need help with your dryer, call the experts at Mr. Appliance to help you out!