Samsung Dryer Not Heating

If you’ve ever tried to air dry your clothes by hanging them up, you will appreciate how much time a dryer saves you. The heating element in your dryer saves a tremendous amount of time by drying your clothes quickly and efficiently. However, if your Samsung dryer is not producing heat, drying your clothes may take up to four times longer, so you need answers quickly.

Thankfully, we have those answers. We’ll explain the causes behind your Samsung dryer producing no heat and tell you how it can be fixed.

Why is my Samsung Dryer not Heating Up?

Samsung dryer no heat issues, which could be due to several reasons. Here are some of the most common:

  • Power Supply issues: If your dryer’s plug has loosened in the outlet for any reason, it can deliver an inconsistent flow of electricity. Heating elements pull a lot of power, so the heating functionality is often the first thing to fail when the connection is poor.
  • Thermostat issue: The thermostat in a Samsung dryer prevents the heating element from becoming too hot. To check this issue, turn your dryer on, and once it heats up, you will hear a click. This is the element switching off. You will listen to it and click again when it comes back on. If those clicks are less than five minutes apart, the dryer could be short-cycling because of overheating. Contact your local Mr Appliance to have this checked out properly.
  • Blown thermal fuse: The thermal fuse prevents fires in your dryer. If it has blown, it prevented a possible fire and needs to be replaced. This is best left to a Service Professional like your local Mr. Appliance to not only replace the blown thermal fuse but to find out why it blew and remedy that issue as well.
  • Heating element breakdown: While this is the least likely Samsung dryer no heat issue, it is still worth checking to ensure all heating components are working properly. This is another issue best left to your local Mr Appliance Service Professional
  • Burner or ignitor issues: The burner and ignitor are elements of a gas Samsung dryer. Burners mix together fuel and air to create a flame inside the heat tube, and the igniters provide the heat to ignite the fuel. These elements should always be handled by a qualified appliance repair professional, as improperly repairing a gas dryer can lead to severe damage and health risks.

How We Fix a Dryer That’s Not Heating Up

Our team has years of experience working on dryers and other residential appliances. Here are some of the ways we address the common issues behind a Samsung dryer that won’t heat up:

  • Power Supply Issues: If the power supply issue is due to a bad cord, we can replace the cord coming out of your dryer.
  • Thermostat issue: We test the thermostat with a multimeter to ensure it’s functioning properly. If it’s not working, we’ll replace it with a new one and check your dryer to find out why it failed.
  • Blown thermal fuse: We use a multimeter to test for a blown thermal fuse. If the fuse has blown, we replace it with a new one and find out why it failed so that the issue can be corrected as well.
  • Heating element breakdown: We check the heating element for any signs of damage or breakage. If it is damaged or broken, we’ll replace the heating element and test its functionality to ensure it’s working properly.
  • Burner or ignitor issues: We’ll investigate your Samsung gas dryer to identify the broken or worn component. Once we determine the issue, we’ll replace it with a functional part and test your dryer.

Samsung Dryer Not Producing Heat FAQs

Why is my dryer not drying?

There are a few common reasons behind a dryer not drying. The first and most solvable is overly wet laundry. If your laundry is too wet, put it in the washer and run a spin cycle to wring out excess moisture. The problem could be a washer that is not spinning properly, not a dryer that is not heating properly. If the laundry wasn’t wet and it still isn’t drying, you likely have an issue with the thermostat or heating element on your hands.

How do I reset the heat on my Samsung dryer?

You can reset your Samsung dryer by unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for at least a few minutes. After a few minutes have passed, plug it back in. This may solve some heating issues that were caused by a software or power supply connectivity problem.

Why is my dryer running but not heating?

If your dryer runs but is not heating, you could have a power supply issue, a thermostat problem, a blown thermal fuse, or a heating element breakdown.Contact an appliance repair professional to diagnose and fix the issues.

Keep Your Samsung Dryer and Household Running Efficiently

A dryer that doesn’t dry not only takes up space in your home, it will take up a lot more of your time too. Hanging and air-drying clothes is a time-consuming inconvenience. Don’t let your Samsung dryer that won’t heat up get in the way of your day-to-day tasks. Contact the friendly professionals at Mr. Appliance® for fast, reliable service for your Samsung dryer.

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