Virtually no one memorizes any of the Samsung washing machine error codes in case something goes wrong — but with our guide on Samsung’s error codes, you don’t have to. We’re here to show you the cause of the error message, and most importantly, the solution.

Fast Fixes for Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Before you call your local Mr. Appliance professional, try three easy things to get rid of a few common Samsung washer error codes:

  • Rebalance your laundry load so that your items are spread evenly inside of your washer.
  • Reset your machine by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in.
  • Verify that your drain hose isn’t bent to avoid drainage and leakage issues.

Causes for Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

At times, the cause for an error code is a simple issue such as an unbalanced load or a piece of laundry stuck in the washer door.However, some problems are better off being examined by your local appliance expert.

Below are some possible error codes that you may encounter, their meanings, and solutions for fixing the malfunctions behind the error codes. If the below solutions don’t work, contact a qualified appliance professional for washer repair service.

Samsung Washer Error Codes

Possible Codes


nF1, 14C2, 4E2, 4C2, CE

Incorrectly installed hot/water supply hoses

1E, 1 LC, LC, LE, LC1, 1 1C, 1C

Machine is leaking or there’s an issue with your machine’s water level sensor

4E, 4C, 1 4C, nF

Water is filling incorrectly

5E, nd, 5C, SE, 1 5C, SC

Water won’t drain

dS, 1dC1, d5, 1dC4, FL, 1 dC, LO, L0, dC1, dC, dE2, dE1, dE

Washer door isn’t closed and locked

dc, Ub, U6, Ur, UE, 1Ub, 1U6

Load distribution is uneven

Switched Hot and Cold Water Hoses

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: nF1, 14C2, 4E2, 4C2, CE
  • Meaning of Error Codes: The hot-water and cold-water supply hoses aren’t hooked up to the correct inlets.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Connect the cold-water hose to the cold inlet and the hot-water hose to the hot inlet.

Leaking Machine or Faulty Water Level Sensor

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: 1E, 1 LC, LC, LE, LC1, 1 1C, 1C
  • Meaning of Error Codes: Your machine either has a leak or the water level sensor is malfunctioning.
  • Ways to Fix the Error:
  1. Make sure that your machine doesn’t actually have a leak. If it does, contact an appliance professional to repair it.
  2. Look behind your machine to verify that no hoses are kinked or twisted. If they are twisted, you can untwist them. However, if your hose is damaged, you’ll need to contact an appliance professional for a replacement.
  3. Run your washer without any laundry items in it. If you see suds, chances are, you used too much laundry detergent.

Water Filling Incorrectly

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: 4E, 4C, 1 4C, nF
  • Meaning of Error Codes: Your washer is siphoning its water incorrectly.
  • Ways to Fix the Error:
  1. Ensure that the cold and hot water supply hoses are connected to the appropriate cold and hot water inlets.
  2. Untwist your drain hose if it’s bent in any way. Call an appliance professional if the hose is damaged.
  3. Restart your machine by unplugging and plugging it in again. Run a full wash cycle.

Water Won’t Drain

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: 5E, nd, 5C, SE, 1 5C, SC
  • Meaning of Error Code(s): The water in your machine’s tub is draining slowly or not draining at all.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Before attempting to fix this error, please let any heated water cool first to avoid risk of injury.
  1. Confirm that your washing machine is not tilted toward one side. If it is, level it to see if this fixes the issue.
  2. Check your drain hose to make sure it’s not kinked or damaged. Damaged drain hoses require replacement.
  3. Restart your washer’s wash cycle.

Door Issue

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: dS, 1dC1, d5, 1dC4, FL, 1 dC, LO, L0, dC1, dC, dE2, dE1, dE
  • Meaning of Error Code(s): The door to your appliance won’t close and lock properly.
  • Ways to Fix the Error:
  1. Verify that no laundry is caught in your machine’s door, preventing it from locking.
  2. Make sure you did not accidentally leave your washer’s door partially cracked open.
  3. Examine the door latch for damage. If there is damage, the part will need to be replaced by a qualified appliance professional.

Uneven Load Distribution

  • Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes: dc, Ub, U6, Ur, UE, 1Ub, 1U6
  • Meaning of Error Code(s): Your laundry load has items that are not evenly distributed inside the machine.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Spread out the clothes in your washer to ensure the load is even.

Additional Error Codes

If you’re seeing an error code not listed, you can refer to your appliance’s instruction manual or Samsung’s website for more information on its cause. However, at this point you should not attempt repair.

Problems with DIY Samsung Washing Machine Repair

Might Cause Additional Problems or Make Problem Worse

Taking a DIY approach to your Samsung error code may seem like a way to save some money. However, depending on the issue, taking a DIY approach could make the initial problem worse, and create additional issues that will result in longer downtime for your washer and cost you more money too!

Safety Issues - Moving parts, the possibility of electrocution

There is an inherent risk that comes with working on any major appliance. Moving a large appliance could result in an injury to your back or other extremities. In addition, there is always the risk of a more serious injury like electrocution.

DIY Repair might void the warranty

Trying to resolve an issue with your Samsung washer yourself may also void the existing warranty. Typically, appliance warranties only remain intact if/when repairs are performed by a licensed and authorized repair professional. Any DIY repairs performed outside of this specification will usually void the remaining warranty.

Find a Mr. Appliance Professional in Your Area

If the above suggestions do not fix your Samsung washing machine’s error code problem, don’t spend another minute mulling over what to do about it. It’s time to reach out for professional assistance to determine the problem and solution. The experts at your local Mr. Appliance are experienced and equipped with the right parts to get your Samsung washer repaired quickly so it’s running properly again. To get started, schedule an appointment today!
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