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Easy Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Organization

By: Emilie Sims

As I opened the cabinet door, what seemed like hundreds of Tupperware® containers came crashing to the floor (and that wasn’t the first time it had happened). In that unfortunate moment, I chided myself and then found myself wishing I had taken the time to simply organize my cabinet, in order to prevent such catastrophes from transpiring in my kitchen.

If this is something you’ve had the displeasure of experiencing in your kitchen, now is the time to do something about it. If you are tired of never being able to find the right size pan due to the extreme disorganization of your kitchen cabinets, make a change! A world exists where you aren’t constantly forgetting what you own since you are never able to find it. This world is known as “organization.” If you’re ready to make a change in your life (and your cabinets’!), read on to learn some simple solutions to common cabinet organization issues.

The issue: My Tupperware storage area is jumbled and disorganized.
The fix: Rather than hastily tossing all your Tupperware containers into the cabinet, consider stacking the containers together, while storing the lids in a small basket or container. But first sort through all of your plastic storage containers to ensure that each container has a matching lid. If you have unmatched pieces, get rid of them! Also toss out any containers that are damaged or warped to combat cabinet clutter.

The issue: My pots and pans are hard to dig out of deep cabinets, so this cabinet too becomes a disorganized mess.
The fix: If you often find yourself nearly climbing into your cabinets to locate that muffin tin, you may think about investing in pull out sliding shelves to add to your cabinets. These will help you better access deep cabinets without having to reach in and dig around. With sliding shelves, you can arrange your pots and pans neatly according to size or type, then simply slide the shelf out when you need something.

The issue: In storing my spices, it is hard to see them all.
The fix: First label the tops of the spices if they aren’t already, so you can read them easily without needing to pull them out. Then arrange them on a lazy susan or rotating organizer, a tiered shelf or in an over-the-door or over-the-cabinet organizer. Keep the spices you use most frequently near the front where you can easily grab them.