6 Causes Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

Having a functioning washing machine is a convenience that can easily be taken for granted. But when it stops working and the dirty clothes start piling up, you quickly discover how essential it is. You need a solution fast. In this article we’ll explain what to look for when your washing machine won’t turn on and provide some troubleshooting options that can help you get it going again.

When your washing machine won’t turn on, it could be for a variety of reasons, and we’re here to explain what to do for each:

Cause 1: Unplugged Power Source

An unplugged appliance may seem like the obvious reason, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t come to that conclusion. The thing is, washers can accidently unplug themselves when rinsing out those dirty stains. So don’t overlook the obvious when it comes to looking for an answer.

A power outage would of course cut the power to all your appliances. But even after electricity is restored, some outlets need to be reset manually.

How to fix it: Check to see if your machine is plugged in and hit the reset button on your outlet in case it was tripped during a power outage.

Cause 2: Overheated Machine

If your machine has been running endlessly, it may be time for it to cool down. Even a machine like your washer that is designed for heavy, consistent use may need a break.

How to fix it: Turn off the appliance and step away for a while. You may be able to resume doing your laundry a few hours later.

Cause 3: Wrong Settings

A washing machine won’t turn on if you’ve pressed the wrong settings. For example, hitting the control lock or delay start button can prevent your machine from doing its thing. And this is an easy thing to overlook.

How to fix it: It’s important to open and close the machine door before beginning a cycle. Try to reset and restart the wash cycle if it’s still not turning on.

Cause 4: Malfunctioning Lid Switch

A top-load washer won’t turn on if its lid switch is not working. The switch will only get activated and begin a cycle if the lid is properly shut.

How to fix it: Check to see if the lid switch is clogged with old detergent or muck. Then, use a cotton swab dipped in distilled white vinegar to clean the switch. You’ll need to contact a professional service if the door is still not shutting correctly, as this is usually a sign of a bigger issue.

Cause 5: Damaged Door Switch

A front-load washer won’t turn on if the door switch is damaged. The switch must lock before your appliance can initiate a cycle.

How to fix it: Examine the door switch on the appliance’s door frame to see if the lock engages with a strike. Wipe the area clean with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol if the door switch is not locking. We recommend calling your local Mr. Appliance if that doesn’t work.

Cause 6: Blown Fuse Must Be Replaced.

Your machine comes with a fuse that’s responsible for powering and not overheating your appliance. A blown fuse may be the reason your washer won’t start.

How to fix it: The control panel is home to fuses in both top-load and front-load machines. The panel is found near the back of top-load appliances and in the front of front-load ones. Unplug your device, then remove the screws on the control panel’s dashboard to inspect it. A fuse that’s black in colour must be replaced.

FAQs about Damaged Washing Machines

Why is my washing machine not turning on?

There are a number of causes to why your machine isn’t turning on. The problem may be as easy as opening and closing your appliance door to reset the washer or plugging it back in to get it to start. Read above about the six possible reasons why a washer won’t turn on.

How long do washing machines last for?

The average lifespan is between 10 and 13 years.

Can I reset my washer by unplugging it?

Unplugging and plugging a machine back in can help reset it. This is especially true if your appliance does not have a reset button or function.

Mr. Appliance Can Fix Your Washing Machine

DIY solutions don’t always work when it comes to repairing a washer that won’t turn on. Thankfully, your local Mr. Appliance can accurately pinpoint and fix the problem. Our pros have the experience and equipment needed to quickly diagnose and repair your broken washer.

The faster we can identity the cause, the sooner you can get back to cleaning your dirty laundry. Learn more about our washing machine repair services.

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