Why is My Washing Machine Making Loud Noises?

Noisy washing machine.

You started your load of laundry just a few minutes ago, and now it sounds like someone is throwing bricks around your laundry room. What gives?

The good news is that if you have a washing machine making loud noises, it can be pretty easy to fix. The bad news is that if it keeps happening, it can lead to other issues that will eventually impact the functionality of your washing machine.

Thankfully, regardless of the severity of the problem, you can rely on the trusted appliance repair professionals at Mr. Appliance® to help. We've outlined some of the likely causes of a loud washing machine and how to fix the issue in the following sections:

  • Causes of a Noisy Washing Machine
  • How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Making Noises
  • FAQs about Noisy Washing Machines

Causes of a Noisy Washing Machine

Several factors can cause your washing machine to make loud noises. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Unbalanced or excessively heavy loads: The most common cause of a noisy washing machine has everything to do with what you put in it. If your laundry load is too large or unevenly distributed in a top-loading washing machine, the drum can become unbalanced, causing it to bang against the machine's sides.
  • Pump or filter issues: Sometimes, your machine might make a loud clicking or tapping noise during the drain cycle. When you hear this, it's a good indicator that something is stuck in the pump or pump filter.
  • Loose drum bearings: If your load seems perfectly balanced, but the machine still clatters loudly during the spin cycle, you might have a loose drum bearing.

How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Making Noises

Fortunately, some causes behind a noisy washing machine are easy to address on your own. Here's how to fix some of the common issues that lead to a loud washing machine:

  • Unbalanced or excessively heavy loads: To fix an unbalanced or heavy load, simply rebalance the load or remove some items from the washing machine.
  • Pump or filter issues: Check the pump filter (consult your user manual for the location, as it varies from machine to machine) and clear out any small items like coins, hair clips, and buttons. If the problem persists, it’s time to call an appliance repair pro for a more detailed assessment.
  • Loose drum bearings: If you try rebalancing the load and removing heavy items, and it doesn't make a difference, you might have loose drum bearings. To fix this, call a professional who can replace the bearing for you.

FAQs About Noisy Washing Machines

Is it expensive to fix a broken washing machine?

The cost of washing machine repairs depends on the issue at hand. For example, unclogging a drain hose will cost less than replacing an internal electrical component.

Typically, washing machine repairs are not very expensive, at least compared to a replacement. Most repairs cost less than a third of the price of a new washing machine.

If cost is a concern for you when repairing a washing machine, you can always have a professional inspect your machine and provide you with a quote. Based on this information, you can compare the repair cost to the replacement costs. Don’t forget to add delivery and removal costs to the new machine cost and think about how you are going to wash your clothes while you are waiting for that new machine to come in and be delivered to your home.

My washing machine spins loudly. Should I repair or replace my washing machine when it makes loud noises?

If your washing machine makes loud noises, and you've tried the most basic fixes, you should hire someone to repair it.

In general, a washing machine repair costs less than a replacement. Even more expensive repair jobs tend to cost significantly less than purchasing an entirely new washing machine.

A repair on your washing machine can significantly extend its life, too. Once repaired, your washing machine should function exactly as it did when it was new, reducing the likelihood that you'll have to replace it in the near future.

Washing Machine Making Loud Noises? Call Mr. Appliance

If you've tried everything and your washing machine is still making loud noises, you need to call a professional. The helpful appliance repair pros at Mr. Appliance have the experience to silence your loud washing machine and ensure it continues to work properly. Schedule your washing machine repair service with us today!