Decorate Easter Eggs with These 5 Ideas

Decorate Easter

Hop out of the box with your Easter egg decorating this year and follow these Pinterest-inspired nontraditional techniques.

Glue and Glitter

Dip your eggs in glue and then roll them around in glitter, beads or sequins. For polka dots, drop dots of glue and then sprinkle glitter. This method also works great with sprinkles.

Polka-Dotted Easter Eggs

Rainbow Easter Egg

Pretty patterns

Using a Sharpie or other fine-pointed writing utensil, draw intricate designs onto your egg, such as big stripes, little stripes, chevron or squiggles. You can even write a favorite quote or saying onto the egg.

Black & White Decorated Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs with Black Writing on Them

Lovely Lace

To dress up your egg in a bit fancier way, glue on some lace and a small flower or other decorative piece. Your eggs will be sure to be egg-squisite!

Colorful Easter Eggs with Flowers on Top

Bring out the Buttons

Grab the craft box and pull out all the odds and ends of random buttons, ribbon and paper galore and have fun gluing this creative smorgasbord onto all your eggs. The more random, the better!

Colorful Buttoned Easter Eggs

Stick 'em!

If you don’t have a steady hand to create your own designs, try painting over stickers to imprint designs on your eggs, and peel them off afterwards to reveal beautiful patterns. You can also paint the eggs first and then stick on white colored stickers, as pictured below.

Colorful Easter Eggs with White Etched Designs