10 Ways to Reuse Lonely Socks

Ways to reuse single socks
Have you fallen victim to the mystery of the missing sock? Two socks go into the dirty laundry pile, but somehow only one sock makes it out clean. Where in the world is the other sock? No need to worry. We have 10 amazing things you can do with those lonely socks.

Make Sock Puppets

This is a classic solution: If you have a collection of unwanted socks, allow your children and their friends to make sock puppets out of them! You can turn this into a great craft project by supplying felt, google eyes, and fabric markers so the children can personalize their puppets. You will be hosting puppet shows in no time!

Other Sock Crafts

There are many other crafts that can be done with socks other than puppets, like making plush animals or dog toys.

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Display Them Until They Find Their Other Half

There are many variations on the lost sock hanger on Pinterest and Etsy, so you can buy one or take the time to make your own! Not only does it advertise the missing socks for the whole family to see, it is great decoration for a typically overlooked room.

Rustic Laundry decor

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Lonely socks can be used as dust rags. This can be more satisfying than just throwing the socks away or keeping them and hoping you eventually find a match. You will be breathing new life into the lonely cloth, giving it a new purpose.

Mop in a kitchen

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Make a Heating Pad

Fill a sock with rice, beans, or flaxseed, and warm it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds (or until it’s at a good temperature for what you need) and you will have a homemade heating pad. Click here for more detailed instructions

How to make a heating pad with a sock

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Make a Sock Bun

Does your hair need a little help? Rather than taking a sock from a pair to make your bun look better, try making a lonely sock the designated “bun sock.” See here for a instructions on how to make a sock bun

How to make a sock bun

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Wear Mismatched Socks!

If your outfit doesn’t show your socks, consider putting the lonely socks together to make a pair. This isn’t the best choice for office wear, but it is more than acceptable for children and teens who may not take the time to match their socks in the first place.

Mismatched socks

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Sock Wreath

Check out this great tutorial on making a wreath from two pairs of tube socks. If you don’t happen to have any lonely tube socks around the house but still want to do the project, you can buy some fairly inexpensively from the store

Make a sock wreath

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Use as Padding When Packing

When packing breakable items—whether for moving or simply putting way seasonal decorations—use mismatched socks to cushion your breakables. Glass Christmas ornaments can be put inside of a sock and then placed into bins with the other decorations. Drinking glasses can also be slipped inside socks to ensure they won’t crack during travel.

Potpourri Holder

Old socks filled with potpourri can be used to freshen up drawers and closets. Just fill the sock about halfway and tie it closed. Moth balls could also be used.