Providing Washer Machine Repairs in Hanover, ON

Mr. Appliance of Hanover specializes in prompt and effective washing machine repairs throughout Hanover, ON. Since 1996, we've been offering top-notch appliance services to our valued customers. Our company has experienced significant growth, boasting over 250 locations across the United States and Canada. At the core of our mission is a commitment to putting your needs first and paying close attention to your concerns, ensuring we deliver satisfactory results every time. We leverage our extensive training and deep understanding to provide tailored solutions for all appliance issues. Contact us today for your washing repair needs.

Is Your Laundry Piling Up from a Washing Machine Malfunction?

The luxury of using washing machines for cleaning clothes and other materials is an amenity many appreciate, yet it's easy to overlook its value once a malfunction occurs. Should your machine experience issues with draining, spinning, or operating as it should, our team stands ready to assist. At Mr. Appliance of Hanover, our approach to washing machine repairs is focused on swift and practical solutions, minimizing the risk of water damage or further complications. After we've restored your appliance, we highly recommend exploring our preventative maintenance services to ensure your appliances remain in top condition.

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What Repairs Can We Make?

When a malfunction arises with your laundry appliance, prompt repair services are essential to prevent the problem from escalating. Delaying repairs can lead to more significant damage to your machine. By contacting Mr. Appliance of Hanover, you can count on our expertise to quickly address and repair your washing machine's issues, ensuring durable solutions. Our repair services tackle various problems, ensuring your laundry routine can continue without interruption, including:

  • Washing machine leaks
  • Water doesn't drain properly
  • Washing machine won't turn on
  • Spin cycle is malfunctioning
  • Limited agitation
  • No cold water
  • Spots or soap is left on clothes after the wash cycle

Fixing Your Machines No Matter the Brand

The market offers a diverse range of washing machine models and manufacturers. Whether your laundry equipment is a top-loader, front-loader, or a combo device, Mr. Appliance of Hanover is equipped to manage every type. Our professionals possess the knowledge and skills to service and repair any model in widespread use today. As technological innovations evolve, our team remains up-to-date, ensuring we can offer knowledgeable and effective solutions for your appliance needs. We service an array of washing machine brands, including:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • GE

Having Problems with These Parts? We're Here to Help!

At Mr. Appliance of Hanover, we excel in providing comprehensive residential repair services for washing machine components. Identifying the malfunctioning part of your washing machine can be challenging without professional insight. Our experts possess the specialized expertise and tools for accurately diagnosing and resolving any issue. If you encounter problems with your washing machine, rest assured we can assist with these concerns and more:


The agitator, positioned at the heart of the washing machine, facilitates the movement of

clothes during the wash cycle. Should it become loose or suffer damage, a replacement might be necessary.


Essential for the rotation of the washing machine's drum, the belt plays a pivotal role in the functionality of your appliance.


The pump serves a crucial function by expelling water from the washing machine, ensuring an efficient wash cycle.


At the core of your washing machine's operation is the motor, which powers both the drum

and agitator, maintaining the machine's overall performance.

Control Board

The control board acts as the brain of the washing machine, orchestrating its various functions and

settings for optimal performance.

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Mr. Appliance of Hanover is committed to placing your needs at the forefront and ensuring a customer experience that strives to exceed expectations. We believe no one should endure the inconvenience of accumulating laundry due to extended waiting periods for professional repairs. With our proficiency in washing machine repair services, we assure you of rapid and competent resolutions to any issue you might encounter with your appliance. Should you notice any problems, our team is ready to offer assistance and insights into the underlying problem. Furthermore, to avert potential complications down the line, we provide the option for regular maintenance check-ups following our initial repair work. Reach out to us today for all your appliance repair requirements.

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