My Dryer Won’t Start — What Do I Do?

A dryer knob turned to the Cupboard Dry setting.

So you’ve found yourself saying, “Help! My dryer won’t start!”

This is a frustrating situation, but the solution may not be too difficult. Whenever an appliance fails, it’s best to start by looking for common (and simple) problems first. Try a few easy troubleshooting tips, like checking for a tripped circuit breaker or a broken door latch. Chances are, you can go from “Noooo, my dryer won’t start” to “I can handle this.”

The troubleshooting steps below could get your dryer started again in no time—or at least help you identify the problem you need help with. If you try everything you can and still find yourself wondering, Why won’t my dryer start?, make a service appointment with your local Mr. Appliance.

“Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On?” Here’s What to Check First

Appliance repair professionals diagnose problems by starting with the simplest issues, and you should too. Here are some of the most common answers to the question “Why won’t my dryer turn on?”

The Dryer Is Unplugged

Why in the world would your dryer be unplugged? Who knows—but what if it is unplugged? Check for this issue before doing anything else.

One or Both of the Dryer’s Circuit Breakers Tripped

Open the door to your home’s electrical panel, and locate any tripped circuit breakers. Just move the switch(es) back over into alignment with the rest of the breakers, and try to start your dryer again.

The Door Latch/Switch Is Broken

There is a sensor and switch on the dryer door/latch that tells the machine when the door is fully closed. That sensor can go bad. If the dryer thinks the door is open, it won’t start. Dryer door latches are easy to find and fairly easy to replace too—it’s the testing that’s more difficult, as it requires a multimeter. If this is your answer to “Why won’t my dryer turn on?” and you need help, contact the Mr. Appliance near you.

The Start Button Is Faulty

If you have a push start button, the mechanism in that button—called a start switch—can also go bad. With the unit unplugged, remove the switch from the control panel, and test for continuity with a multimeter. If it does not conduct current, replace it.

The Thermal Fuse Has Gone Bad

The thermal fuse is a safety device that prevents overheating. After unplugging the unit and accessing this part from the behind the back panel, test its conductivity with a multimeter. If the thermal fuse doesn’t conduct current, replace it. It’s important to understand that the most common cause of a blown thermal fuse is debris accumulation inside the dryer. A clogged vent hose, lint screen, or lint trap will cause dust and lint to build up in the dryer, becoming a serious fire hazard. Schedule professional dryer vent cleaning to prevent your new thermal fuse from going bad too soon.

“Even After Trying These Troubleshooting Tips, My Dryer Won’t Turn On.” Now What?

If you have exhausted these troubleshooting tips and the dryer still won’t turn on, your motor may have a problem, or it could be another complex issue. Enlist the help of the professional appliance repair technicians at your local Mr. Appliance. Our hard workers have the experience and qualifications needed for effective dryer repairs.

Don’t wonder Why won’t my dryer start? for too long. Get the reliable help you need from Mr. Appliance. Our friendly and professional technicians will resolve your dryer problem right away. Call us or schedule service online.