Why is My Gas Stove Clicking?

Gas Stove Burner
Gas stoves are the pride and joy of any self-respecting chef. If this is what you have in your kitchen, you’re probably accustomed to hearing a “click, click, click” when you turn the burner knob. This is the sound of the electric igniter working to light the burner. Once the flame is going, the clicking should stop.

Here’s the problem: your gas stove is clicking even after the burner is lit – or the burner won’t light at all. This can be annoying and certainly puts a damper on your dinner plans. But before you call a repair company, follow these troubleshooting tips from Mr. Appliance®.

NOTE: A clicking gas stove is usually not dangerous. The igniter may continue to click even though the gas is shut off. However, if you smell gas or suspect a leak for another reason, shut off the gas supply, exit your home, and call your utility provider.

Realign the Burner Cap

One of the most common reasons a gas stove starts clicking is because the burner cap is out of alignment. Once the cooktop is completely cool, remove the burner grate to access the cap beneath it. Remove the cap and re-center it on the base. Try lighting the burner again.

Dry the Burner

Excess moisture might be the reason why your gas stove is clicking. This can occur after a pot boils over, following a grease spill, or after cleaning the cooktop. Moisture may be lingering in the burner, even if you can’t see it.

To dry everything thoroughly, simply remove the burner cap and let it air out. To speed up the process, turn all the burners off and wipe the top of the range with a towel. You can also aim a fan at the burner in question, or turn on the oven to 350 degrees for 30 minutes to warm up and dry out the burner from the underside.

Remove Food Debris

Look for burned-on food or debris that might be obstructing the igniter or even the control knobs. Use a metal pin or paperclip to clear the debris away. Avoid using a toothpick for this task because a small piece could break off and become lodged inside, causing even more trouble.

Perform a Repair

If the clicking gas stove persists despite your efforts, you may need to replace the spark module, spark ignition switch, or igniter. It may be possible to order replacement parts from the manufacturer if you want to attempt the repair yourself, or you can call a professional to handle the job for you.

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