Make Dryer Lint Fire Starters for Spring Camping Trips


Spring camping is something that many families take part in as the weather starts to get warmer. And those beautiful warmer days will be here before you know it. Many memories (and s’mores) can be made around the campfire during this time. But, before you get there, you must build the fire.  Now, we know that dryer lint is flammable and can be hazardous if you leave it in the dryer; however, it is also great for kindling fires, which is what makes it such a great fire starter.

Using a toilet paper roll and some dryer lint would be an inexpensive, efficient way to help kindle a fire. Plus, you probably already have the materials lying around the house!

We created our own, and did a test burn on a fire starter we created. We decided to use a controlled environment to record our video – our charcoal grill!

What you will need:

  • Dryer lint

  • Empty toilet paper roll

  • Matches/lighter

What you will do:

  1. Simply stuff the toilet paper roll with lint.

  2. Put the fire starter under the wood you will use for the fire.

  3. Light the fire starter with a candle lighter and let it spread to the wood. 

Some Safety Tips:

Mr. Appliance recommends adult supervision for using fire starters, and adult should be present at all times while a fire is lit. Also, be sure to check your local park’s guidelines for fire locations and seasonal conditions. CLICK HERE to learn more about fire safety from the National Park Service.