Best Places for the Washer and Dryer

No one seems to agree exactly where the laundry room should go. These rooms were once afterthoughts, installed in out-of-the-way closets or the corner of the basement. Over the years, new homes have started prioritizing laundry room location to increase convenience, improve efficiency, and ensure safe ventilation.

But where is the best place for the laundry room? There isn’t one right answer to this question, but everyone has their preferences. If you’re building a new home or considering relocating your existing laundry room, explore the benefits of each possible place to install your washer and dryer.

On the Second Floor

According to the National Association of Home Builders, this is the most popular location for the washer and dryer, with 37% of survey respondents giving it the thumbs up. A second-floor laundry room is in the private area of your home, making it easy to carry dirty clothes from bedroom closets to the washer without ever piling up in a public part of your home.

In the Mudroom

This could be the best place for the laundry room if you want the option to walk in from the garage, strip off dirty outerwear, and toss it straight into the wash. The mudroom is already a utilitarian space, so why not add a washer and dryer? (The term "mudroom" is more common in Canada and the northern part of the United States, and refers to a room where boots and hats are stored. This is so snow-laded boots don't track mud into the home!)

Off the Kitchen

Even though dirty clothes and cooking have nothing to do with each other, 20% of homeowners prefer having the laundry room off the kitchen. The logic here is that you spend the bulk of your time in the kitchen, so locating the washer and dryer nearby is a logical choice.

In the Basement

Whether your basement is finished or not, 17% of homeowners say it’s the best place for the laundry room. The out-of-the-way location keeps the noise level to a minimum, and a built-in laundry chute solves the problem of schlepping dirty clothes down two flights of stairs.

Off the Master Bedroom

Dirty clothes live in the laundry room, and clean clothes live in your closet, so why not bring these two locations closer together? This is an especially convenient place for the washer and dryer if you’re single, don’t have kids living at home, or have a master bedroom on the ground floor.

In the Garage

If you’re short on space, the garage is a suitable backup place for the washer and dryer. In fact, it’s the preference of 12% of homeowners. It’s certainly a better option than a stackable unit in the bathroom, hallway, or kitchen closet, where piles of dirty clothes are bound to get in your way. You just have to be extra careful not to drop clean clothes on the not-so-clean garage floor.

Ventilation Considerations

Wherever you decide to install the washer and dryer, make sure you have proper ventilation in place for safety. This includes a dryer vent that leads outside, not into the attic or garage, and an exhaust fan on the ceiling you can switch on when doing laundry to prevent the room from becoming too hot and humid.

Schedule Laundry Room Services

When you think you’ve pinpointed the best place for your laundry room, it’s time to install the perfect washer and dryer. Colorful machines perk up a dull laundry room, high-efficiency models conserve energy, and stackable washer/dryers are ideal when space is at a premium.

Whatever laundry room layout you choose, keep your washer and dryer working well with services from Mr. Appliance®. We offer washing machine repair, dryer repair, dryer vent cleaning, and other laundry room services. Contact us today to schedule a visit from one of our experienced technicians!