Art Displays: Alternatives to the Fridge

Tomato Plushie
With the holidays approaching, your children might start bringing home lots of pumpkin-themed crafts and art from school! Their little creations will certainly be sentimental and you will probably want to hang them up; however, they will fill up your fridge fast. With all of these pretty art pieces, you might lose sight of your family calendar or invitations to holiday events. Here are a few alternatives to using your fridge for art display, from construction paper Halloween jack-o-lanterns, to Christmas trees crafted from green puzzle pieces!

  • Art gallery wall: Take a few old, large picture frames and remove the glass. Then paint them and tie a clip onto the back of the frame so your little one will be able to easily hang their art. We recommend hanging the frames along a blank wall. Check out the pin here.
  • Clipboards: Paint four or six clipboards and then hang then up on a wall. This will be an easy way to hang up art and you can easily change it out as your kiddos create new pieces. Check out the pin here.
  • Wire and clothespins: This cute idea is easy to make and will help to de-clutter your refrigerator easily. By running wire across a blank wall, and adding clips, you have a versatile art “gallery.” Check out the pin here.
  • Chicken trays: Chip and Joanna Gaines inspired this idea from Fixer Upper; they use these to hang their kids’ artwork in their home. You can use clothespins or even magnets to hang your kids’ creations; this idea is great for smaller spaces as well. The Gaines’ would approve; check out the idea, from Joanna herself, here.

With all of the ways to display your little artist’s work, don’t forget to make sure your refrigerator is working properly. Call the professionals at Mr. Appliance® to service your appliances before the holidays!