8 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Children about Entering the Trades

Do you have teenagers trying desperately to figure out what they want to do… for the rest of their life? Not surprising it’s not an easy decision. With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming to begin even considering different fields.

The trades are becoming a good choice to make for everyone, but especially for females who have previously shied away from such types of jobs. The Dwyer Group® offers scholarships through our Women in the Trades program to encourage young women to test out these lucrative career options. Here are some reasons why there are good opportunities in these fields:

Good Pay – Want more than to make minimum wage? Many tradespeople are paid well to match their expertise. Plumbers and electricians are licensed, and both offer high paying jobs once education is complete.

Flexible Hours – Often the needs of homeowners and business owners are not 9-5. Occasionally there are shifts offered in the evenings or weekends and many employers are open to part time workers.

Career Growth – As many jobs become automated, positions such as glass installers, landscapers and appliance repair continue to need the personal touch. Steady and continued growth in these industries, compiled with a retiring Baby Boomer age group, will continue to provide many job options in these fields.

Earn While You Learn - Many careers in the trades start with an apprenticeship where students can combine school with on the job training, which also includes a paycheck. This is very different from four-year colleges where you have to pay money out each semester, but may not have time to earn.

Transferable Skills – Learning one trade can sometimes make it easier to enter another trade industry. The construction industry also favorably views potential candidates who have carpentry, electrician or restoration experience.

See The World - Have a teenager with dreams of living around the world? While there may be minor adjustments from country to country, trades offer a strong base for securing employment. Trades people are always needed in both Urban and Rural areas as well.

Work Independently – While being part of a team is always a part of a job, with many trades you can work independently, while doing residential calls or working in the shop.

Student Debt Free – While the cost of degree programs continue to grow, trade schools tend to still be affordable. Your child can be finished with school and working, while many are still paying thousands in college student loans.

If you’re assisting your children in pursuing solid career goals, don’t hesitate to consider the trades. Have a daughter thinking of making these her chosen field? Check out our Women in the Trades scholarship at www.dwyergroup.com/about-us/women-in-the-trades/.