Mr. Appliance now offers pureWash Laundry System

System provides customers with smart, efficient laundry solutions

WACO, Texas, (January 31, 2015) – Mr. Appliance® recently announced that the pureWash® laundry system would now be available to customers. This product will provide consumers with an exciting laundry experience designed to save money and improve quality.

The average family does eight to ten loads of laundry a week. Laundry can be an inconvenient, expensive and environmentally unpleasant experience. Laundry detergent and fabric softener is an expensive necessity when doing laundry, and the energy cost of heating water for laundry cycles is a significant expense as well.
Laundry detergent can also leave residue on clothes, causing allergy problems for some people and contributing to mold and mildew buildup in washing machines and on clothing.

The pureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System gives consumers a choice. With the pureWash system, an oxidation process in the water allows for optimal cleaning of clothes without the need for laundry detergent or fabric softeners. All you have to do is place your clothes in the washing machine and let the pureWash system do the work. By eliminating the need to use hot water and laundry detergent in the laundry cycle, the pureWash system saves money long-term, as there is no need to buy laundry detergent. There are also reduced energy costs associated with the pureWash system, as you can wash every load in cold water.

“We are excited to offer this great product to our customers,” Doug Rogers, president of Mr. Appliance, said. “At Mr. Appliance, we seek to develop world class experiences for our customers and offering innovative products like the pureWash laundry system is another way we can do that.”

For more information on the pureWash system, visit or contact your local Mr. Appliance.