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Microwaves: A Quick and Efficient Answer for Mealtime Hunger

Mr. Appliance® has helpful tips to keep the microwave operating smoothly

WACO, Texas (March 22, 2015) – The microwave is a staple in many kitchens and can be found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Its creation in 1945 was one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century, as it has allowed food to be cooked faster and more efficiently.

There are a variety of microwaves on the market, varying in size and power, and there are numerous cooking options for any microwave. In fact, one of the earliest microwave patents was for microwave popcorn, granted to Percy L. Spencer on August 30, 1949.

Mr. Appliance has these great tips to keep your microwave running smoothly and efficiently.
• Always be sure to clean the inside of the microwave after each use. This will prevent food from building up inside the appliance, causing it to heat food slower and less evenly.
• Arrange food in the microwave properly to shorten cooking times. Place thicker foods near the edge and thinner foods near the center.
• Use the preset cooking times and check often to see if food is done. This will save energy and prevent food from overcooking.
• Close the door carefully. This will ensure the microwave maintains a good seal, not letting energy escape.

Microwave ovens may be affordable and easy to use, but they are complicated appliances. Be sure to leave maintenance and repairs to professionals. For more information on microwaves, or to schedule an appointment to have your microwave or other appliance repaired, visit