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Homeowners Need to Think Safety Before Firing up the Grill

Mr. Appliance® has tips to get outdoor appliances ready for summer

WACO, Texas (May 24, 2015) – Summer is coming into full swing and the warmer weather means homeowners will be using their grills and outdoor equipment more frequently. The service experts at Mr. Appliance are dedicated to helping people maintain their appliances and get the most use out of them as possible. The appliance service experts have some tips to help homeowners be ready for their outdoor grilling experiences.

“Summer time and grilling go hand-in-hand,” said Mr. Appliance resident expert, Harry Grubbs. “Patio parties can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately safety and maintenance are sometimes over looked. All it takes is just a little bit of planning to ensure a safe and fun time for everyone.”

Grill maintenance is important to ensure the meat and vegetables are ready for the patio party. Grubbs gives a few tips to help any grill be ready for the festivities.

• Check regulator for proper pressure
• Check gas valves for leaks
• Check igniters for proper operation
• Inspect for bad burners and deteriorated supports

The grill is an important part of outdoor grilling but homeowners should also be aware of ways to keep their drinks from becoming contaminated.

“There are outdoor appliances that keep drinks as cold as ice. Ice machine maintenance is crucial for keeping the drinks cold,” said Grubbs. “Manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup. In areas with hard water, filters are recommended to extend the life of the machine.”

In an effort to raise awareness about outdoor kitchens, specifically ice machines and outdoor grills, Mr. Appliance has started the “Fire and Ice” campaign to provide tips and facts about outdoor kitchens. The campaign will run through the summer.

“This campaign is designed to be of great benefit to homeowners of all types. As the summer kicks off and the outdoor gatherings begin, Mr. Appliance will be there to ensure that all appliances will be ready,” said Grubbs.

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