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Keep That Refrigerator Running with Tips from Mr. Appliance

Catch these maintenance tips from Mr. Appliance®

WACO, Texas (August 21, 2014) – As the start of school quickly approaches, it’s important to have the refrigerator in top working condition. Mr. Appliance® has some tips for how to make sure the refrigerator is up to the task, keeping food cool even while it is still hot outside and saving money in the process.
Keep the refrigerator door closed as much as possible, and be sure the door closes properly each time. This will make sure that chilled air stays in the fridge and it doesn’t have to work too hard to keep the temperature down.

Monitor fridge and freezer temperatures. The temperature inside the refrigerator should be between 36 to 40 degrees, while the freezer should be at zero to five degrees. If the refrigerator is cooling at ten degrees cooler, it could be using 25 percent more energy than necessary.

Replace your water filter. Often, people overlook or put off changing the water filter in the refrigerator. An old water filter is less effective at removing possible contaminates from the water and ice that comes through the refrigerator.

Test to make sure the refrigerator seals are tight. Rubber seals around the refrigerator door are susceptible to cracking and tearing. Use warm water and mild soap twice a year to keep seals from cracking. Use a piece of paper between the seals to test the strength. If the paper comes out easily, the seal may not be effectively keeping the chilled air inside the refrigerator.

Clean condenser coils. Dirt, dust and pet hair can accumulate on a refrigerator’s condenser coils. Try to clean them at least once a year by using a brush or vacuum cleaner to keep the machine working efficiently.

Make sure the fridge has some space away from the wall. In order to work efficiently, the refrigerator needs to have space between it and the wall. Try to avoid allowing direct sunlight on your refrigerator.

Contact your local Mr. Appliance to make sure your refrigerator is operating at its most efficient level, and visit for more appliance maintenance tips.