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Five Ways to Repair and Restart New Year Resolutions

WACO, Texas (Feb 6, 2014) – The statistics behind successful new year’s resolutions can discouraging and downright depressing. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only eight percent of Americans who make resolve to make a change stick with the resolution throughout the full year.

There are several reasons for the dismal success rate, three of which are most prevalent: the resolutions lack structure, the resolutions were made at midnight on January first, or the resolution goals are based in fantasy, not reality, thus are unattainable.

At Mr. Appliance, February marks a great time to re-evaluate the resolutions set and either repair those which are lacking or jump-start the ones that were left to wither and die away.

These five easy, actionable tips will help even the most lifeless resolution, discarded by its owner after just one week, perk with new life and ambition. Apply these repairs to any resolution and beat the odds.

  1. Create resolutions that rely on attainable, intermittent goals. Place time-markers on each so that each resolution has mini-goals to reach throughout the year. Example: Lose weight is a resolution. Lose one pound each week is an attainable, intermittent goal that can be measured and help keep motivation high.

  2. Choose resolutions that are based on realistic expectations. If lofty goals are set, it can be intimidating and easier to give up. Example – Being cast as a Broadway dancer may be the resolution. However, this could be considered unrealistic for someone who only has Jazzercize as dance experience. Not impossible, but somewhat unrealistic. Instead, concentrate on the small steps that will help to meet the larger goal.

  3. Drop the negative self-talk. Everyone fails, it’s a part of the journey. The difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t is that they turn failures into lessons and motivation. When knocked down, dust off, stand up and keep moving forward.

  4. Resolutions made on the spot are often not well thought out. Every resolution has to have a sturdy plan to support it. Otherwise, failure is inevitable.

  5. For resolutions that are dead on the vine, try coming up with a smaller, more attainable goal to serve as a stepping stone to the larger resolution. For example – instead of planning to going from couch potato to working out five days a week, make a commitment to working out one day a week for two weeks. Then work out two days a week, etc.

Making changes in life is a hard task – otherwise, everyone would be thin, healthy, non- smoking, stress-free, meditating, enlightened and perfect in every other way. Take these tips and start making changes through small, manageable steps to maintain 2014 resolutions.

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