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After Holiday Cooking, Oven Maintenance is Necessary

Mr. Appliance® has tips to maintain the oven after holiday cooking

WACO, Texas, (December 30, 2014) – During the holiday season, the kitchen becomes the center of household activity, as the family gathers to share meals during this special time. While it is important that appliances are in peak condition to ensure that they don’t fail during this important occasion, it is also important to take steps to be sure that appliances are maintained after heavy holiday use as well.

The oven is a particularly important appliance that experiences heavy use during the holidays. There are some very simple tips that will help keep it in prime working condition the entire year.

Keep the oven clean. It is important to maintain a clean oven year-round, as food buildup inside the oven can be hazardous and also cause the oven to heat unevenly, affecting the cooking time of dishes.

Test the oven’s temperature. A common problem with ovens is that they can tend to be heating at a different temperature that what is indicated on the dial or digital display. Using an oven thermometer to check the temperature is a simple way to be sure that the oven is heating at the proper temperatures.

Check the oven door. Moisture around the outside of the oven can indicate that there is a faulty gasket keeping the oven door from closing tightly. This is allowing heat to escape during cooking, wasting energy and lowering the temperature inside the oven.

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