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Commercial Deep Fryer Repair Service

Having trouble with your deep fryer? Mr. Appliance can help!

Commercial deep fryers are a vital piece of equipment for many businesses. If you work with food, you know that when a malfunction occurs, it can disrupt your busy schedule and even cause you to lose business. When a problem develops with your deep fryer, you want to get it repaired and back in good working order quickly. In most cases, commercial deep fryer repair and troubleshooting are relatively simple for a professional to accomplish in a timely manner.

Count on Mr. Appliance® to diagnose your fryer’s troubles and provide excellent deep fryer repair service. We’ll work around your schedule to get your commercial kitchen’s frying capabilities back up to speed.

These components of a deep fryer could be responsible for its failure:

  • Thermostat
  • High-limit switch
  • Thermopile
  • Safety gas valve

Why Choose Mr. Appliance for Deep Fryer Repair?

Don’t let problems with your commercial deep fryer keep you from running your business. Call the professionals at Mr. Appliance for the fast and effective service you need, on your schedule. Many of our locations offer commercial services like deep fryer repair. Our flat-rate pricing ensures that you will never be charged for overtime. With us, you pay by the job, not by the hour. We also guarantee the quality of all our replacement parts and workmanship for one full year, no matter what we’re repairing.

Don’t go another day with a broken appliance. Call us today at (888) 988-5597 for commercial deep fryer repair, or schedule service online!

Deep Fryer Issues We Commonly Repair

One of the most common deep fryer issues business owners face is that the pilot light will not stay lit. In other cases, the thermostat is faulty, sometimes running erratically (not shutting off) and overheating the oil. A commercial deep fryer is an expensive and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. Trying to fix one on your own could further damage the unit or even cause you to injure yourself. Call a professional to repair your commercial deep fryer and take the risks out of the equation.

At Mr. Appliance, we specialize in the repair of commercial deep fryers and other commercial kitchen appliances. We provide fast service that you can depend on to keep your business up and running, every time. Contact our commercial appliance repair experts today at (888) 988-5597, or schedule service right here online.