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Blog Posts in October

  • Can I Keep My Fridge/Freezer in the Garage Safely?

    A second fridge is a great addition to any home, not only during the holiday season when you may have an excess amount of food, ...

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  • Do Appliances Need to Match in Order to Look Nice?

    Whether you are renovating your kitchen or it is time to replace one or more of your appliances, you'll need to make a number of ...

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  • Is a Water Heater an Appliance or ... Just a Water Heater?

    While the distinction between a plumbing fixture or an appliance may not seem to matter, there are a number of situations where ...

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  • Are Dryer Sheets Bad for You or Your Dryer?

    While it’s true that some dryer sheets could be “bad” for your dryer by creating residue, most of them are no worse than your ...

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