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The Best Gifts for Cooks

For some, cooking is merely a means to end but for others, it is a passion. Whether you know a well-seasoned chef or one who is just starting to learn, each will have their own unique sense of style and flair when it comes to creating a meal. While this can make it challenging to shop for these individuals around birthdays or holidays, the kitchen experts at Mr. Appliance® have a number of great ideas for gifts for cooks that are sure to please anyone on your list.

Digital Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is an essential tool for chefs, bakers, or home cooks, and one that provides a more precise and accurate representation than a volume measure from a more traditional measuring cup or spoon. Most are very easy to use and come with any number of features such as automatic shutoff, a unit button to allow the user to switch between ounces, pounds, grams, and more, and a bright LED screen.

Knife Sharpener

Sharp knives not only work better, but they are also safer to use. A premium set of waterstones or whetstones are the ideal solution for anyone who is experienced at sharpening or wanting to learn, while a countertop knife sharpener can make a great addition to any kitchen and is relatively easy to use.

Oil Infuser

Infused oil can add a unique flavour and aroma to both sweet and savoury dishes, and is made by combining herbs and oil. The mixture is then either left to cool in the refrigerator or is slowly heated to a temperature of no higher than 150 degrees. A high-tech oil infuser takes the guesswork out of making your own and the expense of buying one or more flavours to keep on hand.

Stainless Steel Herb Scissors

Herb scissors make great gifts for cooks and avid gardeners who prefer to use fresh herbs whenever possible. While chopping herbs with a knife or traditional scissors may lead to tearing or bruising, herb scissors are specially designed with multiple blades to cut cleanly and have a spring mechanism for a smooth, easy movement.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

An adjustable rolling pin allows cooks to customize the thickness and width of their pastry effortlessly, with adjustable rings on each end that change the height of the rolling pin and show the measurements on the surface of the roller.

Smart Thermometer

Cooking any type of meat can be a tricky proposition, and in addition to how the doneness may affect personal preference, meat that is undercooked may also cause severe illness or stomach upset. A smart thermometer monitors the internal temperature of your dish to ensure each is cooked to perfection, can be used in your indoor or outdoor kitchen, and may be connected to a smartphone or tablet.

Kitchen Gadgets

It's always fun to receive a new kitchen gadget that you may not even know you needed. Keep these gifts for cooks in mind for that person who is hard to buy for, and who will appreciate a little more fun and convenience in the kitchen.

Regardless of skill level, all chefs need reliable appliances, and Mr. Appliance can help with fast, efficient appliance maintenance and repair. Call us today at 888-898-5597or contact us online to schedule an appointment.