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What to Do If Your Ice Maker Isn’t Making Ice

Nothing is more frustrating than an ice maker that's not working, especially in summer months when you'd like nothing more than an ice cold glass of water or lemonade! Perhaps you're having an outdoor barbecue with friends or neighbors, or guests are coming for dinner over the weekend. Even if there's nothing special going on, you need your ice maker to work. What could possibly be the problem and is there anything you can do? At Mr. Appliance we have some hints on how to get your ice maker to make more ice.

Troubleshooting Tips

The first thing you need to do if your ice maker isn't making ice is to make sure it's on. On most models the power switch is located either on the ice maker itself, or the wall of the freezer. Some also have a wire feeler arm rather than an on/off switch. When the feeler arm is in the down position, it is on.

Once you're sure the ice maker is on:

  • Make sure the water supply to the freezer is turned on and that the line isn't obstructed.
  • Check to make sure the line isn't frozen.
  • If your unit has one, replace the water filter.
  • Check to see what the temperature of the freezer is; it should be -18 degrees Celcius or colder.

If you suspect the problem is an obstruction in the water line, unplug your refrigerator and move it away from the wall to give you room. You'll need to close the water line which is done using a valve located at the back of your refrigerator. At this point you will disconnect the water line from your appliance, then check for kinks in the line or lumps of ice - anything that could be obstructing water flow. Straighten the line or allow the ice in the water line to melt before connecting it back up to the refrigerator.

In the event the water line isn't the problem, it could be a clogged filter. Read the manufacturer's instructions to determine the right filter for your appliance and change according to instructions.

In many cases an ice maker fails to work properly simply because the water line is frozen, or there is an obstruction either in the line itself or the filter. By doing the things suggested above, your ice maker should start functioning as it should if one of these problems is to blame.

If despite your efforts your ice maker is still not working, it could be something more serious. In this case, give Mr. Appliance® a call or read more of our ice maker tips!