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2017 Laundry Gadget Gift Guide

The laundry room is an area of the home that is often ignored, which is exactly why picking up a laundry gadget or two as a gift can be a great idea. The laundry room is a space that's often messy, cluttered, unorganized and somewhat inconvenient in its function. The following are a few laundry room accessories that could improve all of that:

  • Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat- The traditional ironing board can be a really cumbersome accessory, especially if your laundry room doesn't have a lot of space to set one up in. The Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat is the perfect solution to this problem and a superior alternative in many ways. It can be laid across a table or even across your washer and dryer where it can be used to iron your clothes - and where it won't shift in place as a result of its magnetic backing.
  • Tidy Cups - One of the reasons a laundry room is often messy is because it can be difficult to pour laundry detergent into your washing machine without spilling it - especially if you buy larger sized bottles to save money. Tidy Cups can be attached to the neck of the bottle. This way, when you fill up your detergent cups, you won't be left with a pool of detergent dripping over your washing machine or onto your floor.
  • Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector- A water leak in your washing machine can pose all kinds of problems. Not only could it cause water damage to the surrounding area, but it could cause your water bills to skyrocket. Even a small leak can waste a lot of money. Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is a device that you can place under or near your washing machine that uses multiple sensors to detect water leaks. If a water leak is detected, it will send an alarm notification to your smartphone so that you can deal with the problem right away.
  • Gideon Indoor Retractable Clothesline - Installing the Gideon Indoor Retractable Clothesline inside of your laundry room can help to prevent it from getting cluttered with clothes that have yet to be picked up by the people in your household. You can easily clip clothes that have been freshly laundered onto the clothesline to help prevent them from getting wrinkled. This can be a real space saver if you've got several people trying to do laundry at the same time.
  • Vanderbilt Home Pop and Load Laundry Basket - Baskets are necessary accessories for every laundry room as they make it easy to transport clothes throughout the house. However, they can take up a lot of space as well. The Vanderbilt Home Pope and Load Laundry Basket can flatten out when it's not full, allowing you to save a ton of space.
  • Lock-a-Sok - Everybody knows how difficult it is to keep your socks together. In addition to having to sort through your laundry whenever putting it away in order to find the socks that match, socks have a nasty habit of just disappearing into thin air. Loc-a-Sok allows you to clamp your socks together before you throw them into the washing machine so that they will remain together forever!

These are a few of the laundry room accessories that we recommend picking up for friends and family this holiday season. Any of these laundry gadgets will be a particularly thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved into a new home as well. For additional holiday gift ideas or to schedule an appliance repair service, be sure to visit us at Mr. Appliance today.