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2016 Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide

Do you have a friend or family member who’s always hard to shop for at Christmas time? How about finding a quirky kitchen gadget to make cooking and baking a little easier? From highly useful to a little extravagant, here are the top kitchen gadgets that could serve as the perfect gifts for Christmas 2016.

Melon Scoop

Cantaloupes and watermelons are popular favorites, but preparing and eating them isn’t always easy. A melon scoop solves the problem! After cutting the fruit into wedges, use the melon scoop to easily separate the succulent flesh from the rind. No more struggling with a knife to prepare a quick and healthy snack for the whole family.

Bacon Master

Make it easier for the bacon lover in your life to cook up perfect strips of crispy perfection every time with the Bacon Master. This curved, upright griddle cooks bacon evenly on both sides at the same time, cutting the cooking time in half and eliminating the need to clumsily flip the bacon. A design that drains the grease off the bacon also makes for a healthier breakfast option.

The Dipr Sandwich Cookie Dipper

If you’ve ever dropped an Oreo in a glass of milk, you can appreciate the need for the Dipr, “the ultimate cookie spoon.” It delicately cradles any sandwich cookies while you dunk it in a glass of milk, eliminating the risk of losing your cookie to the depths! The complementary Dunkr is a cookie cup designed specifically for dunking cookies. These kitchen gadgets are the perfect present for any sandwich cookie lover.

Bear Paws Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Sure, you could just use two forks, but why not shred your pulled pork in style with Bear Paws? These kitchen gadgets give Wolverine a run for his money, with two six-pronged shredder claws, one to hold in each hand. You can also use one Bear Paw to keep a large piece of meat in place while you carve it with a knife. The FDA-approved, heat-resistant nylon claws withstand oven temperatures and hold up to any meat-shredding task you have for them.

Corn Kerneler

You love corn on the cob, but you can’t very well serve it to a baby or someone with braces. So you take to cutting the kernels off with a knife. But the corn is hot and hard to handle, and the kernels end up rolling off the cutting board. A corn kerneler is the solution to this problem, slicing and catching kernels in one smooth motion. The round blade is even adjustable to tackle cobs of different sizes.

Sushi Bazooka

If you love sushi, but don’t want to pay the high restaurant price, you might have started making your own seaweed-wrapped delights at home. The days of squished, unappetizing sushi rolls will be over once you have the Sushi Bazooka, a kitchen gadget that makes creating perfectly round sushi rolls a breeze.

Rapid Drink Cooler

You’re craving an ice-cold soda, but your friend snagged the last one from the fridge. There are more drinks on the counter, but they’re not cold. Instead of diluting your beverage with ice or waiting for the fridge to chill it to a reasonably cold temperature, why not rely on a rapid drink cooler to get the job done in just six to eight minutes? Thanks to battery operation, you can even take the rapid drink cooler on the go.

These kitchen gadgets are truly gifts that keep on giving. To help you make the most of your kitchen this holiday season, schedule appliance repair with Mr. Appliance® today.