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Roses are Red. Grass Stains are Green.

"Roses are red and grass stains are green.

To knock out stains, you just gotta get mean!"

Grass stains on white baseball pants….tomato sauce on a new pink shirt…ink blob on favorite khakis…grrrrrr. It’s common knowledge that clothes with spills and stains are automatically tossed in the trash or are recycled into cleaning rags, right? N to the O. No way. You can absolutely knock those stains out with a few secret recipes, a bit of scrubbing and good old fashion elbow grease!

To help you out, Mr. Appliance® came up with a list of DIY stain remover options for you. As with any stain remover, make sure to test on a small, unseen area of fabric before going to town on the actual stain.

Option 1 - Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Mix 1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid (original blue kind) and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and pour on the stain. TIP: Mix together in a spray bottle so you can simply spray on stains.

Option 2 - Salt

Plain ol’ salt is great for absorbing fresh blood, grease and ink stains. A mixture of 1 quart water and 4 tablespoons salt can even tackle those tough and icky perspiration stains.

Option 3 - Tenderizer

For dried protein-based stains like milk, chocolate and blood make a paste out of meat tenderizer and water and rub it on the stain. Let it sit for about an hour and then launder as usual.

Option 4 - Vinegar & Dishwashing Liquid

Set in stains can be pretreated with a concoction of 3 tablespoons white vinegar, 2 tablespoons liquid detergent and 1 quart of water. Rub solution on stain and blot before washing.

Stains be gone! If you have another successful way to remove stains, we would love to hear from you.