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Keeping Your Whites White

You know the rule…no wearing white after Labor Day. But let’s get real. Who really follows that rule these days anyway? has an interesting listing of the 5 times you shouldn’t wear white:

  1. Weddings
  2. Funerals
  3. Hot Dog Eating Contests
  4. Ice Bucket Challenges
  5. Apple Picking

There’s no mention at all about post-Labor Day wardrobe choices. When asked about the wearing white after Labor Day rules, fashion and style guru Tim Gunn says, “All those rules need to go away.” So, now that Tim has spoken and it’s officially ok to wear white after the first Monday in September, how do you keep your now year-round whites white?

Have no fear. Your friends at Mr. Appliance® can not only keep your washing machine in tip-top shape, but we can also help you keep those whites…well, white. So, here are three tips from Mr. Appliance to help you maintain white whites.

Divide and Conquer

Washing your whites with colored clothes will cause unsightly dinginess. Make sure to always wash your whites separately. You should also discriminate between the types of whites as well. You certainly don’t want to wash dirty athletic socks with your nice white, cotton button-up.

Sleuth out Stains

Did you know that stains can actually set in during the washing process? So, it’s super important to give all whites a quick look-over before tossing into the washing machine. Always check fabric labels first, but in most cases you can use around-the-house items to pre-treat stains.

Give detergent an oomph

Baking soda is a fabulous color-safe bleach alternative that will remove odors and help your laundry detergent work better. Add 1 cup of baking soda to the load and voilà…whiter whites!

So, there you have it. Three easy steps to keep your whites white. If you’re bold enough to wear white after Labor Day, you certainly don’t want to be dingy! That would be an out-right fashion fopaux.