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Energy Saving Laundry Tips

Mr. Appliance® gives expert advice on how to save energy on laundry

WACO, Texas, (February 21, 2015) – With energy costs continuing to be on the rise, energy efficient appliances are becoming more popular. Saving energy in the laundry room is especially important, but brand new energy efficient appliances are not necessarily the answer.

These simple tips from Mr. Appliance can help save on energy costs when doing laundry, without having to replace your appliances.


• Use cold water when possible to wash clothes. This saves money by avoiding the need to heat water during a wash cycle.
• Only wash full loads of laundry. This will decrease the number of loads, using less energy.
• The washer’s spin cycle will take moisture out of clothing, decreasing drying times.


• Clear the lint filter before each load of laundry. This will increase air circulation, drying clothes faster and also preventing dangerous fires.
• Only dry full loads of laundry and use the moisture sensor setting if available.
• Be sure to have the dryer’s ventilation system cleaned annually, and make sure the dryer vent hose is not crushed or damaged. This will make certain that air flow is not interrupted, drying clothes more efficiently.

Following these simple steps to maximize energy cost savings and prolong the life of appliances.

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