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Five Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

A cook is only as good as his or her tools. When whipping up meals in the kitchen, it’s always helpful to have the best tools of the trade, making creating gourmet meals nearly effortless. Mr. Appliance® works hard to maintain a high level of culinary knowledge, and is always on the lookout for ways to make life in the kitchen easier. Here are the top five kitchen gadgets that we feel have revolutionized the kitchen and brought convenience and fun back to life in the kitchen.

See-Through Toaster
Mondays just got a little better; burnt toast is no more thanks to the Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster. Keep an eye on your toast, and get it right every time!

See-through toaster

Pot Clip
Tuck a spoon or spatula into this clip to keep messes off the kitchen counter. Utensils stay in plain sight, instead of sneaking away, and counters stay spotless.

Pot clip for the kitchen

SmartMeasure Cup

An affordable solution for all who pursue perfection in the kitchen! SmartMeasure Cups automatically convert ounces to cups and deliver the perfect measurement each time.

SmartMeasure Cup

Stainless-Steel Finger Guard

Don’t worry about nipping fingers in the kitchen. Protect them while slicing and dicing your veggies with a stainless steel finger guard.

Steel finger guard for cutting

Silicon Baking Ribbon

The freedom of creativity is in your pan. Mold desserts into any shape you desire with flexible, heat-tolerant silicon. The choice is yours; what shape will it be? Unfortunately this one has not yet made it to the market and is still being judged by the Quirky staff.

Silicon Baking Ribbon