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5 Ways to Repair Your New Years Resolutions

Haven’t been awesome about keeping those New Year’s Resolutions this year? Statistics tell us that most of us aren’t. So you’re not alone!

At Mr. Appliance®, we believe in maintaining your lifestyle and in working towards improving life for our customers. Maintaining, restarting, or actually starting to make promises, or resolutions, for improving your life is a good thing. But how can you get back on track if by this point you’re already off?

  1. Set reasonable goals. Rather than focus solely on the end goal, think about the resources and work required to get there. If your goal is reasonable, then you will of course be more likely to reach it! A good example: Susan wants eat out less often, but she doesn’t consider herself very skilled in the kitchen and is not accustomed to making time to shop for groceries. Can she find time to learn to cook better? Or get to the store? If not, that goal of “eating out less” likely won’t happen. A more reasonable goal for Susan might be to attend a cooking class and find time to get to the market once per week to practice making her meals at home, and then setting the goal to eat out less often.
  2. Measure your resolve. Measure that progress! In school, we got report cards that helped us stay accountable for reading that novel the English teacher thought so important. We had a finish line, and it was there to teach us to value the rank we achieved. Measuring your progress with a set goal is encouraging because you see progress and success. So the classic “lose some weight” becomes “lose 9 pounds before summer vacation trip,” which is something we can track and measure.
  3. Make it fun! The new trend in staying motivated is called “gamification,” and it involves using our competitive human psyche to make less than awesome things to do into a game we can enjoy and win. Lifehacker’s article ( says gamification works because of our love of dopamine, a feel-good chemical that our brain rewards us with when we win something. So you want to take up running but can’t stay motivated? You might be pretty motivated if you were outrunning zombies! Numerous apps can help you game your goals, and this one into a game of zombie survival that you can win. Tip: Check out online reviews of the apps you are considering, as the choices are plenty and can be overwhelming.
  4. Don’t over-share. In his TedTalk, Derek Sivers asserts that studies prove when we announce our goals to others and they respond with a positive response, then we get that feel-good reward too early, and it keeps us from doing the work to achieve a goal. Others say to vocalize goals to create a sense of accountability. Maybe the key is to not over-share, tell select people who will encourage you to stay on track and don’t let the goal-setting be a reward in and of itself.
  5. Live in the present. Sure, we hear this all the time, but resolutions are promises to yourself to improve your life. If you didn’t do so great and feel bad about it, how motivated are you to do better? Let bygones be bygones and take the right actions today to meet your goals, and you’re already on track to success. And for a business perspective on staying motivated, check out this Forbes article. check out this Forbes article.

We at Mr. Appliance wish you luck in all this year’s endeavors!