Background Checks

We conduct various background checks on applicants for employment to ensure that individuals who join our company are qualified, have potential to be productive and successful, and have honestly presented their qualifications on the Employment Application. All offers of employment are made contingent upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks.

This process normally takes approximately four business days to complete from the date the checks or screenings are performed.

A basic verification includes a felony and misdemeanor conviction records check in the applicant's county of residence. A more extensive background / records check may be conducted based on the requirements of a specific position.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

All offers of regular, part-time and full-time employment are contingent upon satisfactory results of a drug test. Administrators and Staff hired for regular positions are required to successfully complete a drug test prior to beginning employment.

Reference Checks

Hiring managers are encouraged to contact personal and previous employer references. Employment Services is available to provide guidance to hiring managers on obtaining references.

When considering a current University employee as a final candidate for a campus position, the hiring manager should advise the employee prior to contacting the candidate's supervisor to obtain information regarding the employee's work performance. Hiring managers are also encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources for the purpose of obtaining information regarding the employee's performance record as contained in the personnel file. This information may be reviewed with a representative from the Office of Human Resources upon request.